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About S&A Industries

S&A Industries Corporation was formed in April 2010. Formerly WestAkron North America LLC; S&A is a joint venture company between Sekiso Industries, Okazaki Japan and Akron Polymer Products., Akron OH.

Sekiso Industries is part of the Maruyasu Group which has automotive parts manufacturing locations globally.

Akron Polymer Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic tube products, supplying the Automotive industry since 1987.

S&A Industries produces and supplies; Porous ducting used for Air Intake Systems (AIS), Battery cooling ducts for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Interior HVAC ducting products, Thermal protective sleeving and expandable sheeting products for automotive “body in white” noise damping.

S&A Industries has facilities in Akron Ohio, New Albany Mississippi, Yuma Arizona, and Celaya GTO Mexico.

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