Manufacturing of an Air Induction Porous Duct for the Automotive Industry

Acoustic DuctWe were commissioned by an automotive industry client to manufacture this porous noise reduction duct. This custom duct was designed to be used in air induction system. Manufacturing utilized our winding process, emulsion spraying and curing, and complex assembly expertise.

Beyond our manufacturing capabilities, we used our state of the art software to design for  manufacturability and model the duct, including LAMOS/SAPY for noise, SCRYU/Fluent for pressure drop and UG/NX for design assist. Once the design was approved, fabrication began. The porous duct was made of recyclable non-woven polyester which was breathable to 45 l/dm2/min/mbar, made hydrophobic by spraying, and temperature resistant to 100°C. These features along with the product's benefits of being lighter weight than plastic parts, being thermo-formed to hold its shape, and yielding 24dB improvement compared to a plastic duct, made this part the perfect solution for our customer's needs.

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Air Induction Porous Duct Project Highlight

Porous Noise Reduction Duct Manufacturing Porous duct used in Air Induction system
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Non-woven material
Winding process
Emulsion spraying and curing
Plastic components are attached to the porous duct
Complex assembly to interface with Air Filter Box
3D & Modeling capability Software Capabilities :
  • Noise: LAMPS/SAPY
  • Pressure Drop: SCRYU/Fluent
  • 3D: UG/NX
Material Used Non-Woven Polyester
Technical Specifications
Material breathable: 45 l/dm2/min/mbar
Material hydrophobic: by spraying
Temperature resistant : 100°C
Features / Advantage
  • Weight Reduction compare to Plastic part
  • Porous duct is thermo formed and hold the shape
  • Recyclable material
  • NVH can easily be tuned
Noise Performance Porous Duct yields 24 dB improvement compare to a plastic duct with resonators
Industry for Use Automotive - Air Intake Application on the dirty Side
Delivery Location Global
Standards Met Under hood requirement
Product Name Porous Noise Reduction Duct

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Manufacturing of an Air Induction Porous Duct for the Automotive Industry

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