Compression Molding of a Non-Woven Porous Air Intake System Duct for the Automotive Industry

Non-Woven Porous Air Intake System DuctS&A Industries manufactured a porous, air-intake system (AIS), noise-reduction duct that meets automotive environmental and engine compartment requirements. The non-woven, compression-molded, recyclable polyester used in the duct reduces engine noise. Permeability can be adjusted to change its acoustic performance and it offers excellent temperature resistance. The porous part also weighed less than a molded plastic part and featured a water drain valve and is hydrophobic treated.

The duct was created using highly specialized software, such as LAMPS/SAPY for noise, SCRYU/Fluent for pressure drop and NX Unigraphics for design. We diligently tested and validated the parts and offered global delivery. For more information, please contact us directly.

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Compression Molding of a Non-Woven Porous Air Intake System Duct Project Highlights

Product Description A compression molded fiber material is used for automotive air intake systems to attenuate noise propagated from the engine.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Non-woven material production
Thermo-Compression molding
Welding, Ultra Sonic, Vibration
Component Assembly
Testing & validation
3D & Modeling capability Software Utilized:
  • Noise: LAMPS/SAPY
  • Pressure Drop: SCRYU/Fluent
  • 3D: NX Unigraphics
Material Used Non-Woven Polyester
Technical Specifications
Material permeable 45 l/dm2/min/mbar
Material hydrophobic: TBD
High temperature resistant: 3 Kpa @ 110°C
Features / Advantage Material can be tuned in permeability to change the acoustic performance
Weight Reduction compare to Molded Plastic part
Water Drain Valve incorporated in the duct
Recyclable material
Noise Performance

Industry for Use Automotive
Delivery Location Globally
Standards Met Automotive Environmental and Engine Compartment requirements
Product Name Porous Air Intake System (AIS) Noise Reduction Duct

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